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Saturday, 16th October 2021 | 08:43:58 AM
kaustub Technologies Inc

Kaustub Chandrachoor - I'm the founder and director of the Kasutub Technologies Inc. I acknowledge the website Techk.Org is a part of the Kaustub Technologies Inc. The as well as the is a pertaining with Kaustub Technologies Inc. I was born in Patna in Bihar. I'm always interested Computer Science as well as Information Technology, because much of the country promotes own notation as well as items through website and digital technology.

I'm completed B.Sc(Information Technology) from Kuvempu University in Shimoga, Karnataka. I have Diploma in Software Engineering. I'm also interested to teach the student of the different computer language like C, C++ and Python.

I am interested in Teaching. So, I am teaching the student of the Computer Science and Information Technology background with different computer languages such as C, C++ and Python. My Hobby is cooking food with diversity. The Dog is my favorite pet. The Pet care is also part of my life.

At Present, I am working on Cyber Security Project in IIT Delhi and associated with the ISRO. In the coming future, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are creating a new notion of the users.

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