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Remove CR1 Ransomware | How To Uninstall CR1 Ransomware From Infected Windows System

  Category:  RANSOMWARE | 5th August 2020, Wednesday, kaustub technologies

CR1 Ransomware Is A Very Deceptive PureLocker Virus Malware. CR1 Ransomware Has Been Encrypted All Files, Folders And Complete Computer Terminal. While You Are Booting The System, User Has To See The Blue Screen Along With Text Message. CR1 Ransomware Is Used For Generating The Money From The Cyber World. CR1 Ransomware Has File Extension (.cr1), Which May Append The Last Name In The File. CR1 Ransomware Would Demand Ransom Amount, Other Unusual Information From The Victim. CR1 Ransomware Developers May Also Send The Decryption Key To Normalize The Computer Terminal.

Technical Summary

  • Name: CR1
  • Category: Ransomware, Cryptovirus
  • Extension: .CR1
  • Contact:
  • Distribution: Phishing Email, Spam Mail, Strange Email Attachments.
  • Affected OS: Windows, Linux And MacOS.

However, CR1 Ransomware Has Been Detected End Of The January 2020. CR1 Ransomware Has Potent To Create A Trouble For VPN Network, Peripheral Devices, And Even More. CR1 Ransomware Will Attempt To Touch Down The Payload Of The Terminal. CR1 Ransomware Is Very Compatible With The Eminent Operating Systems Such As Windows, Linux And Mac OS X. The Main Goals Are Internet Hosting Server As Well As Pertaining Ambiance.

CR1 Ransomware Displays The Text Message, Which Is Described Underneath:


All Your Files Have Been Encrypted Using: AES-256-CBC + RSA-4096.

Shadows Copies Were Removed, Original Files Were Overwritten, Renamed And Deleted Using Safe Methods.

Recovery Is Not Possible Without Own RSA-4096 Private Key.

Only We Can Decrypt Your Files!

To Decrypt Your Files Contact Us At:

Your Private Key Will Be Deleted After 7 Days Starting From: 4/11/2019, After That The Recovery Of Your Files Will Not Be Possible.

Although, CR1 May Download The Special Library File, Which Is Called As A NTDLL.DLL And Update The Addresses Of The Application Program Interface, That Can Use In The Critical Time. CR1 Ransomware Is An Aggressive Ransomware Malware Program. So, You Should Re-install An Operating System Is The Best Option. Removal Of CR1 Ransomware Does Not Possible From The Infected Computer System Immediately. Hence, You Will Always Create A Backup File, Which Is Used In Future, If Situation Was Unprecedented.

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PureVPN Is The Best Ever Virtual Private Network Software For Windows Operating System. PureVPN Actions Self-managed VPN Software Constellation Of 2000+ VPN Server In 140+ Countries. PureVPN May Help To Operate Any Thing On The Internet With Security Fence, Which Is Provided By The PureVPN Server. PureVPN Has Excellent Features To Control Online Illegal Activity. PureVPN Assists Online Streaming Process With Secure Internet Connection.

Features Of PureVPN For Windows Operating System

What Is Privacy Anyway?

Privacy Is Being Invisible. Privacy Is Not Leaving Any Digital Breadcrumbs Behind. Privacy Is Another Name For PureVPN.

What Exactly Is Tracking?

Cookies, Device IDs, IP Mapping And Geolocation, App Permissions, Etc., Are All Used To Keep Tabs On Your Activities.

What Is Data Security?

Data Security Means Keeping Your Data Secure During Transmission And Not Allowing Authorized Access To It.

Why Secure VPN Servers?

With Your Traffic Routed Through Our Secure VPN Servers, You Will Be Able To Browse Safely And With Complete Peace Of Mind.

Why Encryption?

To Make Your Data Appear Completely Gibberish To Anyone Who Manages To Intercept Your Communications Or Hijack Your Data.

Why Wi-Fi Security?

Public Wi-Fi Hotspots Are Breeding Grounds For Hackers And Identity Thieves. PureVPN Secures Your Wi-Fi Connection To Protect Your Data Transmissions.

How About Accessing Websites?

You Have Unlimited Bandwidth, Crazy Speed, And A Global Network Of Servers Spread Across The Globe To Do Just That.

How About P2P File-Sharing?

We Have Dedicated P2P Servers In Countries Where P2P File-sharing Is Legal By Law, So You Can Download Files Securely.

How About Streaming?

Absolutely! We Have Optimized Servers For Streaming To Make Sure You Get A Buffer-free Streaming Experience Every Time.

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Here’s How PureVPN Works

After Connecting To PureVPN, Your Data Is Encrypted And Securely Passed Through A Series Of Tunnels That Lead To Our Servers. You Are Not Only Completely Anonymized But Completely Protected At All Times!

VPN Providers With Third-party Hosting Might Have A Long List Of VPN Servers, But Offer Support For Only A Limited Number Of Protocols On Different Servers. Each And Every VPN Server Of PureVPN Supports All Security Protocols, Including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, And IKEv2 To Provide You Ultimate Security, Regardless Of The Server You Connect To.

Our Self-engineered VPN Service And Proprietary Apps Are Optimized For Evolving Broadband Connections. Our Service Runs Seamlessly In The Background To Provide The Fastest Speeds Across The Globe.

Video Of PureVPN

Screenshots Of PureVPN

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download Purevpn, Pure Vpn,, Kaustub Technologies


download Purevpn, Pure Vpn,, Kaustub Technologies


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PureVPN Protects Your Private Virtual Network From The Malware, Ransomware, Trojan Virus And Other Malicious Program Invasion. No Body Can Track Your Online Activity, While You May Start Shopping And Surfing The Internet.

Delete CR1 Ransomware, Uninstall CR1 Ransomware, Get Rid Of CR1 Ra

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