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Welcome to Kaustub Technologies Inc.is a digital website for Cyber Security, AI and Others.
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What I Do

Techk.org is also Integrate with ComputerSecurityInfo.Com & CouponPat.com

Begining A Day With New Innovation. Protects The Computer, Laptop & Other Electronice Devices From Malware Strike.


Who I Am

Kaustub Technologies Inc. has been started on 27 Feb 2020. Techk.org is a website where to get new notion, tips, and Innovation, which is pertaining to Cyber Security, AI, Data Recovery, Android And More.


My Work

Kaustub Technologies is assoicated with ComputerSecurityInfo.Com & CouponPat.com. These website display Security, Software and Coupons information for users.

Provides software, security software, data recovery software and other utility. Our main goal is to provide a platform, where to buy or purchase online software for your computer, and Mobile.